"Police will take resolute actions against anyone who obstructs or violently charges the bailiffs who are executing their duty," Cheung told reporters. Police will also remove obstacles blocking roads if need be, so that the public can "resume their normal daily lives."

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Erick Mainer, 15, died last month and the offensive messages were discovered the following day near Maricourt School in Maghull. The 17-year-old admitted a racially aggravated criminal damage charge at an earlier hearing.

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The U.S. arm of German solar manufacturer SolarWorld AG SWVG.DE complained Chinese solar producers were able to sidestep duties imposed in 2012 by sourcing cells used in solar panels from Taiwan, and the U.S. Commerce department has already set preliminary duties on products from both countries.

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Democrats tried to make the most of having an often-vilified witness retracting some of his most damaging remarks. Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the top Democrat on the panel, glared at Gruber and called his remarks from 2012 and 2013 "absolutely stupid" and "incredibly disrespectful."

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Yet Swift might not benefit from low oil prices as much assome investors expect, analysts say. About 90 percent of itsfuel costs are borne by its customers in the form of surchargesthat are reset weekly to the current price of gas, said analystTodd Fowler of KeyBanc Capital Markets in Cleveland. As aresult, a drop in gas prices only benefits Swift in therelatively short intervals when trucks are not carrying goods.

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As judge, jury and executioner, the Houthis have left nodoubt they are the new power players in Yemen, leaving the Westand neighbouring Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, with anew problem in an already turbulent region.

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"We have taken a very deliberate decision not to take short-term measures that would close the profitability gap in the short term, but would not improve relations with customers and suppliers," he added.

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Advancing issues outnumbered declining ones on the New York Stock Exchange by a ratio of 1.53 to 1. Still, the number of NYSE stocks making new 52-week lows was 255, compared with just 117 making new highs.

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U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon implored countries to try harder, in prepared remarks to the conference in Lima on Tuesday, but skirted the issue of how to resolve deep differences on the format for the pledges.

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Helsinki police are holding 23 people suspected of vandalism during the annual Independence Day march on Saturday evening (December 6). The protesters gathered under the slogan ”From the suburbs to the Palace’ in the eastern Itkeskus district and carried banners calling for “class war” and an end to budget cuts

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Since taking office in September, the Shi'ite prime minister has worked to build alliances with Sunni tribes, and reached a deal on oil exports with the semi-autonomous Kurdish region after months of dispute.

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It is possible that ESL's ownership group is small enoughthat the 5/50 limitation would be reached simply by combiningLampert's personal shares, his interests in ESL, and oneadditional large Sears investor - for example, board memberThomas Tisch, who owns 3.96 percent of the company.

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The second study looked at over 1,100 secondary school pupils. They were asked whether they identified with their family, friends and school. They were also asked about feelings of psychological distress.

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"We do not believe that the law or the record remotely supports the finding on liability or the amount of damages awarded and we are considering our options, including an appeal," a Goldman spokeswoman said.

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While Exxon expects wind, solar and other non-hydro electric energy to grow faster by far than any other energy technology over the period, those renewables will provide just 4 percent of the world's energy by 2040, up from 1 percent in 2010. Fossil fuels will still dominate: Oil will account for 32 percent of world energy, natural gas for 26 percent, and coal for 19 percent. Nuclear and biomass will account for 8 percent each, and hydroelectric power will account for 3 percent.

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Maybe Ryan had an even harder time finding Christmas after learning that there had been more than 100 school shootings since the Christmastime carnage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., just three years ago.

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Abercrombie shares were up 6.7 percent at $28.11 in noonmorning trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Up to Monday'sclose, the stock had fallen about 20 percent this year. (Editing by Don Sebastian and Kirti Pandey)

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Underwood said that this knowledge and willingness to learn about governance and how to enforce codes of conduct is crucial. “So then these graduates can recommend and implement controls that allow their business to function effectively,” he said.

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It has also cut its real estate by 10 million square feet,or 15 percent, he said. The company has been closing bankbranches, consolidating back-office support centers and gettingout of consumer businesses that are too small to be efficient insome countries.

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If nothing else, the Nets easily blew away the Knicks this week in the battle of Celebrity Rows. Just one night earlier, the Knicks introduced the cast of “Downton Abbey” to a near-silent reaction from the befuddled Garden crowd. Wrong demographic. The Nets had the real thing Monday night, the true aristocrats, though Williams insisted the team already had that long ago.

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Strong made two touchdowns and Danowski and Frankian got one each. Danowski's rifling passes were brilliantly executed. The Fordham Pole lugged that leather to town in the tough spots and Strong was a human battering ram who outshone Bronko Nagurski when he ripped and tore repeatedly through the Bears' beefy line.

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Cooper streaked 39 yards for a touchdown midway through the third quarter to spark a comeback win over Auburn in the regular-season finale, just one of many plays that left the Tide celebrating and opponents dumbfounded.

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The stocky, swarthy Frankian legged it to the Bear goal line, with Carl Brumbaugh covering the ex-St. Mary's player. Danowski let fly with a 28-yard pass that Brumbaugh intercepted, but as he and Frankian collided and slid backward across the goal line the ball was cleverly taken from the Chicagoan by the canny Ike. Strong converted the point and the Giants found themselves only three points behind.

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A person is seen as having active asthma if they have documented asthma symptoms, they regularly require asthma medication or they have visited their doctor about their asthma within the last year. US scientists decided to look into the link between this and heart health.


“This study provides some new evidence that watching TV after a diagnosis of colorectal cancer may decrease overall survival as well as survival associated with colon cancer diagnosis,” said Christine Friedenreich, of the department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research of CancerControl Alberta in Calgary, who was not part of the new study.