Going beyond the acknowledgment that men and women are impacted differently by climate change and thus, the need for climate policies and actions to be gender-responsive, we must also examine and support pathways to greater empowerment for women. When women are empowered, their families, communities and nations benefit. Responding to climate change offers opportunities to enhance pathways to empowerment. This requires addressing the underlying root causes, such as gender stereotypes and social norms that perpetuate and compound inequality and discrimination. Examples abound and these include removing restrictions to women's mobility, providing full access to sexual and reproductive health and rights, ensuring access to education and employment opportunities as well as access to economic resources, such as land and financial services.

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Although Stegosauruses are one of the most well known dinosaurs, they are among those that scientists know the least about. There are only six partial skeletons of the creature, which lived around 150 million years ago.

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According to the ConsumerFinancial Protection Bureau, the median payday loan amount is $350. The largeryour paycheck, the better your odds of paying back the loan, unless you simplyhave too many bills to be paid. But if your paycheck isn't much more than whatyou're borrowing, you can see where the trouble starts. You may get stuck,constantly taking out loans to pay back the payday lender.

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Last summer's deployment of more police and National Guard troops on the border with Mexico has accounted for about a quarter of the state's estimated spending on immigration measures. U.S. Democrats and the Mexican government criticized Texas' deployment as being more political than practical.


The sharia-compliant firm said on Nov. 18 it had receivedthe backing of a "significant majority of investors" for theproposal, which would see creditors voluntarily exchanging debtfor ownership of a portfolio of assets.

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Intel's Internet of Things Group had $530 million in revenuein the September quarter. That accounted for just 4 percent ofIntel's total revenue in the quarter, but it grew 14 percentover the previous year, which was faster than the company's PCbusiness.

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Regulators want the biggest U.S. banks, those whose failure could threaten financial markets, to rely more on equity and less on borrowing to fund their activities. Officials also want to discourage banks from relying on riskier forms of debt.

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Up to Monday's close, the stock had risen about 22 percentthis year, outperforming an 11 percent rise in the S&P 500 Index. (Reporting by Abinaya Vijayaraghavan in Bengaluru; Editing byKirti Pandey and Don Sebastian)

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—The CIA's reliance on harsh interrogations complicated the national security missions of other federal agencies. The FBI abandoned its traditional role in interrogations as the CIA began to rely on harsh methods. And the CIA often resisted efforts by the agency's inspector general to investigate the use of harsh interrogations and conditions in black sites.

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"It's a big downgrade. We haven't seen the full extent ofwhat's behind it yet and we won't find out until January" saidone major Tesco investor, noting Lewis had pledged to give moredetail on Jan.8 of how he plans to improve trading andstrengthen the firm's balance sheet.