I also wanted to find out other people's understanding of the word. I "took" to social media to canvass people's views. Some might say that this is a lazy form of research. Let me reject that implication. I was merely saluting a new form of commerce: social media capitalism. The traditional capitalist paradigms are being additionally disrupted. So there.


Sears declined comment. But it has said it's confident it has ample assets to fund its recovery, including a property portfolio with a book value of $5 billion. It has raised $2.2 billion in liquidity in 2014 and recently pointed to a narrower quarterly loss as a sign of better days to come.

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The trouble with Band-Aidfixes is that they sometimes lead to further bleeding and can make your problem much worse. You may feel it's worth the risk, but it's stillhelpful to think through the possible consequences. So in the interest of beingaware of potential problems ahead, here are five common Band-Aid fixes tocarefully consider before applying.

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Ryan has the league’s network business partners falling over themselves to bring Rex TV to their studio shows — where the panelists talk in sound bites, a Ryan specialty — or perhaps to their broadcast booth as a game analyst, where he can break down a game with the best of them.

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Roularta bought roughly ten French magazines in 2006 forabout 210 million euros ($260 million), including the titlesL'Expansion and Maison Francaise. The Belgium-based companyearned three-quarters of its revenues of 676 million euros lastyear from printed media.

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"When the current parliament elects a president at the end of the month the clouds will be gone and the country will be ready to officially enter the post-bailout era," he said in a televised address.

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Over centuries new shoots became branches and big trunks in their own right. It is more like a thicket of olives than a single tree, and it would be Salah's prize possession, except he talks about the tree as if it owns him.

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A: I responded to her passion for the project and my reaction was the same as hers. When I read the script and then when I read the book, I was like 'Oh my God, I’ve got to make this film.'...I am happy she chose me.

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Even after the current rally, Chinese stock indexes have yetto recover from that crash; the Shanghai Composite Index isstill down 12 percent from the peak hit that year, and 48percent from their pre-financial crisis high in 2007. ($1 = 6.1864 Chinese yuan) (Additional reporting by Engen Tham and the Shanghai Newsroom;Editing by Will Waterman)