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Investors tend to buy the yen in times of geopolitical oreconomic stress, but the overall outlook for the Japanesecurrency stayed downbeat as the economy is still in the midst ofmassive quantitative easing. Sliding global stocks, a result ofsoft oil prices in general and poor Chinese data on Monday,prompted investors, who had sold the yen in recent days, to rushto cover their positions.

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The judge said the evidence from the three criminals already convicted over Mrs Dewani's murder was "so improbable, with so many mistakes, lies and inconsistencies you cannot see where the lies ended and the truth begins".

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“There’s an ongoing investigation of the interaction between Mr. Lawson and the police officer that evening,” Lupe Todd, a spokeswoman for Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, said Monday.

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According to the researchers, this study supports the view that young people become concerned about their sexual orientation from a young age. While previous studies suggest that lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) young people often reveal their sexual orientation towards the end of secondary school, this appears to happen later among Irish LGBT people.

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Under Chancellor Angela Merkel, Berlin has taken the lead in trying to convince President Vladimir Putin to engage with the West during the crisis in Ukraine but her criticism of Moscow has sharpened in the last few weeks.

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The prosecutor does believe there is a civil case to answer for the princess, accused of benefiting from her husband’s alleged crimes, even if she was unaware of the circumstances. She is now set to pay almost 590,000 euros to settle this.

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"Depending on what you've bought on margin, you getcash-calls. So you get a lot of people jumping in and a lot ofliquidity flowing ... into a stock or group of stocks. If theprice on that falls at any point for say 5 or 6 percent, thenall the people who bought that will get a call from their brokerto say 'You need to pay some more cash or you need to sell rightnow.'"

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Andre Williams, meanwhile, was simply supposed to spell workhorse runner Rashad Jennings, but then a knee injury knocked the veteran out for four games in October. Williams was pushed into a starting role and struggled, averaging 2.8 yards per carry throughout the Giants’ seven-game losing streak, routinely running with a lack of patience and shooting through holes before they’d formed.

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“Sony’s been raising the ire of hackers for as long as I can remember, so you have to think that they have known they’re a serious target,” Chester Wiesniewsky, a senior security advisor at Sophos, told Gizmodo in an interview. “Sony represents all of the things they dislike.” He added, “I’m not justifying what these people did. But they are kind of the perfect people to go after.”