Cubicin’s U.S. product revenues accounted for 81% of Cubist’s total revenues during the first nine months of 2014. The antibiotic generated $703.6 million in the U.S., up 6.8% from $659.1 in January-September 2013. (Cubist does not furnish product-specific data for its international product revenues, which totaled $51.3 million during the period).

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Kabel Deutschland said it agreed with Vodafone on the issue. Chief Executive Manuel Cubero, appointed after the takeover, said in October the auditor had found the offer price may not have been appropriate.

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But some leading economists say there is no justification for the FDA's application of consumer surplus to calorie counts, since the government is not banning a product but just making information available.

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Annette Bongiorno, who worked for Madoff from the 1960s until the firm's collapse in 2008, was the second of five former employees to be sentenced after being convicted in March of securities fraud, conspiracy and other charges in a Manhattan federal court.

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** Entergy Corp said it would buy a naturalgas-fired power generation station in Arkansas for about $948million as it looks to meet increased demand and continues tomodernize its fleet of utilities.

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Formerly called Business Elite, the newly rebranded Delta One will have seats that go flat withlinens from the Westin hotel chain, rights to board first, chef-curated menus, noise-reduction headsets and more. There are even pre-flight alcoholic drinks, snacks included on flights longer than 250 miles and meals on flights longer than 900 miles. It will be available on international and long-haul domestic flights

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Diess will take over the Volkswagen brand from Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn, who had been trying to fix profitability problems there while also running the entire Volkswagen group, which includes Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Lamborghini.

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With the approval of the country’s Environment Ministry, Exotic Fauna and other similar ventures have started breeding the arachnids in an effort to bring in some much-needed funds to Nicaragua. The Central American country is currently the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere, behind only Haiti.

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On Monday, the U.S. West Coast city of Portland sued Uber to bar it from operating in the city. The company started operating in Portland on Friday without consent from authorities or any agreement over how it would be regulated.

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The subsequent drop in revenue contributed to one-notch downgrades of the state's credit ratings to Aa2 by Moody's Investors Service in April and to AA by Standard & Poor's in August. Both credit ratings agencies said the state had not cut spending deep enough to compensate for the loss in revenue.

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On policy matters, Obama repeated his stance that approval of TransCanada Corp's controversial Keystone XL pipeline from Canada would be based on whether it would exacerbate climate change. He noted the project would not create many jobs.

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"Teen pregnancy drops in one of two ways - either teens are having less sex overall or the teens who are sexually active are using contraceptives and using them better," says Heather Boonstra from the Guttmacher Institute, a non-governmental organisation which researches sexual and reproductive health.

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Unions are opposing a decision by Charles Michel's centre-right coalition government to scrap a cost-of-living wage rise next year. They are also protesting against public sector cutbacks and plans to increase the retirement age.

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On this page we are sticking with everything Liverpool vs Basle, but if you fancy checking out the rest of tonight's Champions League drama, click on the above link where Chris Waugh will have it covered live - including Galatasaray vs Arsenal and Real Madrid vs Ludogorets

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"Whenever you come out of any show," he says, "whether it's television or movies, you don't want to come away feeling everything has been explicitly defined. You should be allowed to have your own interpretation."

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The rats were given access to a glucose solution as well astheir normal food pellets, called chow. When the researchersincreased the activity of glucokinase in the hypothalamus usinga virus, rats consumed more glucose in preference to chow. Whenglucokinase activity was reduced, they consumed less glucose.

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She survived long enough to tell police who had fatally burned her before she died away at a hospital in Memphis, Tenn., some 50 miles north of the rural community. Police told the woman’s family that the attacker likely bashed Chambers in the head before pouring fuel down her nose and throat and lighting her on fire.

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"If you look at news headlines, the scale and complexity of sustainability challenges that we are facing are very evident, but also very different from those outlined in the Brundtland Commission documents. Now we have things like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the widespread droughts in California.