In late October, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin said he finally convinced producer Scott Rudin and director Danny Boyle to be interested in Tom Cruise. They feared that Cruise would drag his buddy, writer Chris McQuarrie to rework the script. But Cruise's agent, Maha Dakhil, assured them "that won't happen."

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TodayTesco saidits new policies and proceduresin the wake of the profits over statementwould continue to hit its short-term finances but said in the long term they would underpin relationships with suppliers, benefit customers and provide more transparency for shareholders.

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German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble set out to be conciliatory after Paris and Rome expressed dismay following criticisms that they did not have the stomach to cut debt, and should do more, and quickly, to respect EU rules.

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If you are thrown off course by bad weather or travel delays, contact the hotel you have reserved and explain the situation. That could lead to a penalty-free cancellation or another resolution so you do not pay for a night's stay in a room you will not use.

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“This is why Labour will build on the benefits of the Cancer Drugs Fund but extend the principles of improving access and supporting innovation to all forms of cancer treatment and all cancer patients.”

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Previously, Microsoft likened the warrant to authorising federal agents to break down the doors of Microsoft's Dublin facility -- a view that the government has rejected since agents don't actually set foot in Ireland.

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However researchers at NUI Galway are using adult stem cells to fight against this type of rejection. Their work suggests that by administering a specific type of stem cell - mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs - transplant rejection rates could fall to as low as 10%.

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Annual core earnings (EBITDA) at Telair are about 80 million euros and the company could fetch up to ten times that, the sources said, cautioning that no deal was certain and the process could fall through.