Nine designers, including Hartwell (Comet) and Rogers (Donner), created the team, with each reindeer featuring a distinct look. The also all have player pages on that are chock full of otherworldly stats and some holiday sneer — Cupid seems to have been modeled after Derek Jeter — but Rudolph's page is akin to the house on the block with the most lights; it's decked out with the kind of extras that made last year's debut such a hit, something Hartwell said took him "by complete surprise."

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The new cancellation policy could make changes difficult for some business travelers. Sarah Howell, 33, of Austin, Texas, said she often makes hotel choices based on which one has a more generous cancellation policy.

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The Republican governor ordered 4 percent in spending cutsas well as a steep $40.7 million reduction in statecontributions to its public employees retirement system to save$78.5 million. The remaining $201.5 million would be tapped fromseveral state funds subject to legislative approval.

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The government is almost certain to fail the first two rounds of the presidential vote , when it needs the support of 200 lawmakers to secure victory for its candidate. It has the best shot of winning at the third vote on Dec. 29, when it needs the backing of 180 lawmakers.

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Last week saw the release of Ubisoft’s always-online racer, The Crew, a game which has had mixed reactions from both gamers and press and that is definitely apparent in the charts this week as the title debuts in sixthplace. As for the top spot, FIFA 15 reclaimed its place and is currently in the running to once again earn the title of Christmas number 1.

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Janot said Brazilian prosecutors will travel to the United States in January to cooperate with investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice into whether the corruption scheme hurt the interests if U.S. investors in Petrobras shares listed in New York.

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Fiona Taylor, a deputy assistant commissioner who's in overall charge of professional standards, says it's a "robust" process - but she acknowledges the need for continual vigilance as policemen and women forge their careers.

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He said it takes effort to get to the village. For anyone wanting to get there from the Lower 48 states, it would require first a flight to Anchorage, followed by another airplane ride to Nome, followed by a small-plane ride to Shishmaref. It's a big deal for someone to come in and bring gifts, he said.

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The center is set up to minimise risk of infection. In the High Risk area, we work through a one-way system, starting with patients awaiting test results and ending with those confirmed to have Ebola. That way we don’t risk infecting with Ebola someone who has another disease,like malaria.

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Prince William sat next to retired NBA shot-blocking expert Dikembe Mutombo for a time, and the two shared some laughs as they watched LeBron (King James) James and the Cavs run away to a 110-88 win.

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The new facility for materials research at Manchester University will be called the Sir Henry Royce Institute, and will have satellite branches in Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Cambridge, Oxford and London.

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The windows provide the wayposts for a festive stroll through south Harlem, starting at Seasoned Vegan (55 St. Nicholas Ave. at 113th St.), and snaking its way to Frederick Douglass Blvd., 118th St. and Lenox Ave.