"We wanted to provide people with the practical help and advice to try vegan, but we also wanted to create an inclusive community where people could feel supported and heard," Land writes on the campaign's site.

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This removed restrictions against listening in on other people’s private phone conversations, reading their mail, medical records, bank records and allowed searches without a person’s knowledge. That last provision was declared anti-constitutional.

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Peter Larkin, chief executive of the National Grocers Association, warned last week the calorie count regulation would impose "a large and costly regulatory burden.” Laura Strange, a spokeswoman for the group, said the grocers would work with supporters in Congress to change the rule, but declined to say whether they would cite the lost pleasure factor.

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Barington urged the company to consider splitting its two main business segments, Performance Chemicals, which includes products used in coatings and adhesives, and Engineered Surfaces, which includes specialty fabrics.

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"A temporary fall in the price of oil is good for thebroader economy. However, if the oil price is still down here ina month's time, then that would put sustained pressure on themarket," Zeg Choudhry, managing director of LONTRAD, said.

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Since the 9th Circuit's ruling last year, at least four class-action lawsuits have been filed against Amazon.com seeking compensation for time that nearly 100,000 workers have spent in post-shift security screenings. Similar suits are pending against CVS Pharmacy and Apple Inc.


But Gruber angered Republicans when he declined to provide the total amount he has been paid by federal and state governments for his consulting work, saying he did not recall and lawmakers should “take it up with my counsel.”