Etlin said Ita BBA earned record fees despite a challenging2014, and is now ranked third in Latin American fee pool leaguetables, citing data from research firm Dealogic. In 2013, theSo Paulo-based based bank was fourth, according to Dealogic.

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Clayton Browne is an experienced writer, editor and translator with a broad background in the social sciences, technology, finance and investing. Favorite pastimes include science fiction, sports, poker and good food. He is an active volunteer at the Austin Children's Shelter and a member of the Austin-area Salvation Army Advisory Board.

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"If we can clearly understand the biological processes and individual susceptibility to a disease for a given individual in a given continent, we can start to understand how we could intervene - either in a therapeutic or development of a medicine approach - to control and manage that disease."

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US researchers set out to investigate whether being overweight put teenagers at a higher risk for substance abuse. They questioned thousands of teenagers about their physical and mental health in 1995, 1996 and 2001.

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Asia's thirst for energy has helped drive a "dash for gas"in producer countries from Australia to Canada, with LNGemerging as the fastest growing fuel source since the beginningof the century on the back of soaring Chinese imports.

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“They like going out and partying with their own vehicles,” said Rebb, a professional driver and New York salt who reminded me fondly of cabbies of old. “They don’t mind spending $50 to get home. But they don’t want to spend $500 for a driver all night.”

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"The combination of TRL's independent expertise; robust, reliable testing protocols and driving simulation facilities alongside the diverse and high calibre qualities of our consortium means we can safely demonstrate automated vehicles to build acceptance and trust in this revolutionary technology," said the firm's chief executive Rob Wallis.

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There has been a steady relaxation of restrictions on margintrading in the last two years, and while in good times it allowsinvestors to make a lot of money with only a small amount oftheir own cash, it also carries big risks when the market falls.

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The White Sox have been a prominent team in the offseason. On Monday at the winter meetings, Chicago agreed to a $46 million, four-year contract with closer David Robertson, a person familiar with the deal said. The person spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press because the agreement had not been announced.

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As Misener noted in his letter, the company is already conducting some of its drone testing overseas, and just last month we learned Amazon is planning to build a huge R&D center in the UK focusing mainly on the development of its delivery drone.

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It has also cut its real estate by 10 million square feet, or 15 percent, he said. The company has been closing bank branches, consolidating back-office support centers and getting out of consumer businesses that are too small to be efficient in some countries.

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The state-run paper also cautions financial research institutes to adopt a "rigorous attitude" and "be responsible" when they publish market reports to "direct investors' expectations in a reasonable way".

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For its part, Sears is well-aware of this potential pothole.Earlier this year, it noted a "fraudulent conveyance" risk in adisclosure related to the spin-off of retailer Lands' End. (Reporting by Nick Brown in New York, Nathan Layne in Chicagoand Svea Herbst-Bayliss in Boston, editing by Hank Gilman)

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The pricing on a 745 million euro covenant-lite term loandenominated in euros and dollars that backs EQT's buyout ofSiemens Audiology Solutions is 587.5bp. Pricing has been pushedwider on the euro portion for a credit of this quality becausethe US market has widened.

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Meanwhile, the report also highlighted the issue of attitudes towards violence. It revealed that almost half of all girls aged between 15 and 19 - that is 126 million girls - believe that a husband is justified in hitting his wife under certain circumstances.

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"Testing for chlamydia is painless, and can be done on a urine sample. It only takes a couple of minutes. Alternatively, we recently introduced a self-testing vaginal swab, which means a woman can take her own swab in the clinic, which we then send to the laboratory for analysis," she added.


Nine designers, including Hartwell (Comet) and Rogers (Donner), created the team, with each reindeer featuring a distinct look. The also all have player pages on that are chock full of otherworldly stats and some holiday sneer — Cupid seems to have been modeled after Derek Jeter — but Rudolph's page is akin to the house on the block with the most lights; it's decked out with the kind of extras that made last year's debut such a hit, something Hartwell said took him "by complete surprise."

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"Our vision is to improve the quality of care for asthma sufferers through the empowerment of patients and communities where the condition is more prevalent. This was a hugely successful initiative that enabled members of the Traveller community to take control of their condition, through an effective, transferable and cost-effective programme," she commented.