Matthew Winkler, 59, the entrepreneurial and at timesvolatile leader of Bloomberg's newsroom for 25 years, isstepping aside to become editor-in-chief emeritus. Theannouncement on Tuesday marks the latest shakeup since MichaelBloomberg, who served as New York's mayor for three terms, saidhe would return to the helm of his company next year.

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On Miami’s mainland, where nearly two dozen satellite fairs set up, crowds packed the sidewalks of the hip Wynwood district, to see massive street art murals by Shepard Fairey, Cleon Peterson, Ron English and Brazil’s Os Gmeos.

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At least five men in CIA detention received "rectal rehydration," a form of feeding through the rectum. Others received "ice baths" and death threats. At least three in captivity were told their families would suffer, with CIA officers threatening to harm their children, sexually abuse the mother of one man, and cut the throat of another man's mother.

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"Apple has decided it undertake cutting-edge R&D in Japan," Jiji news service quoted Abe as saying in a campaign speech outside of Tokyo ahead of a general election on Sunday. "It will be formally announced soon."

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Amazon says that it put together a “very conservative” proposal to the FAA last July that would allow it to experiment outdoors in a defined geographical area of countryside outside Seattle without risk of harm to the public. Its own proposed safety controls include flying below the proscribed 400 feet, keeping airborne drones within sight and deploying so-called “geofencing” technology to prevent the aircraft from straying outside the test area.

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At first he lived in Hebron and Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, where he was allegedly asked by a Palestinian if he would be willing to assassinate US President Barack Obama during a visit to the region. Mr Livvix refused the request, according to police.

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If that comes to pass, the price drop will save U.S. drivers $100 billion over the course of the year based on current consumption levels. That will boost the overall economy by reducing shipping and transportation costs, and leaving consumers more money to spend on other things.

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Mining stocks were also hit as aluminium dropped tomulti-month lows in London and Shanghai on concerns over excesssupply. Other base metals fell before China, the world's topmetals consumer, releases data that is expected to show economicgrowth is slowing.

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Another approach: structuring the deal so that the REIT isnot the direct owner of the stores. Lampert could then allocatehis ownership between a separate property-owning entity thatsits under the REIT's umbrella and common equity in the REITitself, said Gerald Thomas, a partner at law firm McGuireWoods


It's the "when" part of Vesta's history that's given Williams and his colleagues trouble. They deduce one set of ages when using a model based on an assumed cratering rate within the asteroid belt — and very different ages when attempting to extrapolate from cratering rates on the Moon and from the ages of lunar samples.