He also pointed out that as it is not yet known what will be included in the delivery of free GP care to children aged five and under, ‘it is disconcerting to see that a cap has been set on this funding before the details of the scheme have been discussed with GPs'.

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Some 40,000 Irish people over the age of 50 have atrial fibrillation (AF), a condition which significantly increases the risk of stroke, yet most are unaware they even have it, the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) has warned.

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MADRID (AP) — A Spanish prosecutor is urging that Princess Cristina's husband be tried for possible fraud and embezzlement but says there's no basis for charges against the king's sister in the corruption case that has weighed heavily on the royal family.

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** Dutch pharmaceuticals wholesaler Brocacef said that itwas taking over businesses of Mediq, a medical supplies andequipment provider, to create a company with combined sales of2.1 billion euros ($2.59 billion).

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"When I saw the finale of 'The Sopranos,' I initially wanted a little more," says Sutter. "But in hindsight, respecting ['Sopranos' creator] David [Chase] as a storyteller, I understand what the job of that finale was.

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Expressing a similar view, Mr Sisay says Liberia and Sierra Leone have hit "rock-bottom" since the Ebola outbreak - and a concerted effort will have to be made by their governments and foreign donors to ensure they are better-placed to cope with any future crisis.

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As for the locals, the Giants climbed a spot to 25th by clobbering the pathetic Titans, who have taken over our bottom spot for the first time this year. The Jets, who now share the leagues’ worst record at 2-11, remained in 29th by taking the Vikings into OT.

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“We know that our culture seems to think that ingestion of caffeine will make you stronger and better at athletics or whatever you’re doing and that’s why we need the FDA to step in and do the right thing here,” Brown said.

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Separately, Labour Grandee Lord Mandelson warned that his party will be heading for 'great self-destruction' if it fails to broaden its appeal and reach out beyond its core vote. He said there was "no point" in the party simply talking to current Labour voters as there are not enough of them to win an election by depending on our current voters alone.

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"It's great to have another perspective, especially from a man who was in our position before, running the same system, seeing things that even we may not see in the moment, which happens a lot," Fisher said.

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Previous research has found that people whose mothers were overweight before pregnancy have an increased risk of diabetes, high cholesterol levels and obesity. However this study set out to investigate whether this could actually lead to higher rates of heart disease and death.

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Not only does the temperature change wreak havoc on your tires, it can also cause expansion and contraction of other fluids and components in your automobile. That’s why early winter is a great time for a full maintenance checkup on your car.

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"The implications of this report are profound: Not only is torture wrong, but it doesn't work," said Sen. Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat and Senate leader, while speaking on the Senate floor moments after the report was released.

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** Heavily indebted Indonesian state-owned carrier PTMerpati Nusantara Airlines is exploring restructuring optionsincluding a debt-to-equity swap and finding strategic investors,its chief executive told Reuters.

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"It would be appear to be more of the same for Tesco. We allknow that pricing pressure on retailers is intense, inparticular on clothing retailers and supermarkets," said EdmundShing, global equity portfolio manager at BCS Asset Management.