The programme is to be piloted shortly in schools in parts of Cork City and Mayo as well as in Dublin 15, with a fourth site to be announced shortly. It is planned to screen 1,800 schoolchildren in each of the four areas.

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The officer demands the attacker drop the knife or he will shoot and the men initially shout, "Don't shoot Don't shoot" Police confirmed the video, which was posted to the New York Post website, was legitimate.

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Alesin, a military analyst for a well-known weekly newspaper, has been missing since Nov. 25 when he was reportedly snatched while meeting an unidentified European diplomat in a cafe in the capital, Minsk. The security service KGB confirmed only Monday that he had been arrested.

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"What it mainly does is it gets the conversation out into the cafes and the kitchens and the pubs, and once that happens you have great politics happening and we can steer that in a political direction.

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The armed men had checked our IDs. Those of us who were not Somalis or from any of the tribes around that area were asked to step out of the bus. They asked the women to leave first. The women were standing on one side of the bus.

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Kalman's father, Andras, was a private gallery owner in Manchester and a close personal friend of Lowry. He agitated for British art institutions to promote Lowry's work overseas, but no solo exhibition was ever held outside the UK in either his or the painter's lifetime.

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Police officers responded to a report of a bank robbery threat at the Wells Fargo branch in downtown Juneau on Monday afternoon, and arrested 56-year-old John Knudson on a charge of criminal trespass, Juneau police said in a statement.

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JOHANNESBURG, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Businesses have shut upshop, generators have sold out and cars play cat-and-mouse atdarkened road junctions in South Africa, where power cuts havesuddenly become a daily reality.

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1. An X-ray of your pelvis and upper femur. If negative, an MRI to see if there is a stress fracture or bone edema (stress syndrome). The MRI can also show, in the same film, if there is truly a "muscle strain.”

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“But the library has tons of facilities, access to history and computers. And it’s almost a tourist attraction — people go to see it when they’re in Birmingham. It’s so beneficial to so many people.”

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"My greatest concern is for the many children who are in abusive situations that account for 14% of our calls. These children really need us on a 24/7 basis and thousands of these children will not be heard next year if we cannot raise the funds to keep the night service open," Ms O'sullican added.

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** Entergy Corp said it would buy a naturalgas-fired power generation station in Arkansas for about $948million as it looks to meet increased demand and continues tomodernize its fleet of utilities.

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"The disease is now the most common cause of cancer death among both men and women in this country. The principal risk factor is cigarette smoking, being causative in approximately 90% of cases," the doctors explained.

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Men who have had many female sexual partners during their life have a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer, but those who have had many male sexual partners have an increased risk, new research suggests.

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I go through all my unread email. Anything that needs dealing with, I add the "thing" to a separate task list that I trust. That task list then becomes my priority (not sorting through my emails).

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"You have to say that the scope and scale of these allegations takes it beyond simply a competitor deciding to step beyond the moral boundary," said Coe, a double Olympic 1500m gold medalist and now an IAAF vice president.