This paragraph will give you most, if not all, the basic parameters of the game, including how many characters, whether there are any groups or characteristics and what you’ll be asked to do with these elements. It is important to read this paragraph very carefully, as any mistake here will likely lead you to create a diagram that is incomplete or overly complicated.

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"Reliance on short-term wholesale funding can leave a firmvulnerable to creditor runs that force the firm to rapidlyliquidate its own positions or call in short-term loans toclients," Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo said.

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Political unrest rose in Greece after the governmentbrought a presidential vote forward in a political gamble thatraised uncertainty over the country's transition out of itsbailout. Greek sovereign bond yields, which move inversely toprices, shot higher.

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The South Korean economy is dominated by family-controlled conglomerates known as chaebol. Family members often wield greater influence over major companies than shareholders and executives with no blood ties to the founding family. The Cho family own about 10 percent of Korean Air Lines, part of a business empire than spans the travel, logistics, hotel and leisure industries.


Taking less than an hour, the treatment involves multiple injections of Botox directly into the calves, which reduces muscle activity, making them smoother with less definition. As much 2 cm magically disappear off the circumference of each calf for up to six months.

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"They have a representative in the finance department who sits on the side and looks over all checks before they are processed," the defense official said. If he's not convinced, he confiscates the check and throws it into a plastic bag.

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They started shooting, then they got to the friend of mine, who was lying next to me. I thought I felt mud fall on my head, when they shot him, then I realised it was his flesh that had fallen on my head. They were shooting about six bullets per person.

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Arriving at the tennis club days later, the two girls played a drinking game with Cosby at his suggestion, and he then led them to the Playboy Mansion after they "had been served multiple alcoholic beverages."

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The child, nicknamed Xiaoxiao by his rescuers, is being taken care of by members of the fire department who have volunteered to be his temporary parents while an investigation begins to determine how he ended up the sewer.

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The centre is set up to minimise risk of infection. In theHigh Risk area, we work through a one-way system, starting withpatients awaiting test results and ending with those confirmedto have Ebola. That way we don't risk infecting with Ebolasomeone who has another disease, like malaria.

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Lead author Dr. Wim Leemans, director of Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division at Berkeley Lab, described the incredible qualities of the laser saying, “We’re forcing this laser beam into a 500 micron hole about 14 meters away, the BELLA laser beam has sufficiently high pointing stability to allow us to use it. With a lot of lasers, this never could have happened”.

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Luis's father, Alfonso Ospina, was a senator from Medellin, and supported extradition of traffickers to the US. On the morning of 15 November 1988 he was kidnapped by members of the Medellin Cartel. He was killed in captivity.

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Two of the three deaths* of mothers recorded at the Rotunda last year were due to pulmonary embolism. A coroner's report on the third death was being awaited when the Rotunda report was being published - this woman died in a general hospital having collapsed and having complained of severe headache following a ‘silent miscarriage'.

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"It is an empowering tool which should be available to all AS patients to assist them in better managing their condition. So far, it has provided people with AS with educational information, a library of instructional exercise videos, from beginner to advanced levels, and the ability to track and monitor the user's progress over time," she explained.