"The measure ... has been taken without hearing from thecompany Uber because of the damage being caused to taxi serviceoperators and because Uber is a company domiciled in the U.S.fiscal paradise of Delaware," said the judge in his ruling.

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With a major malaria threat in these countries, whichtogether saw some 6.6 million cases and 20,000 malaria deaths in2013, the WHO called for temporary control measures, includinggiving malaria drugs to all patients with fever and carrying outmass treatment in areas hard hit by both Ebola and malaria.


Mid-term elections in November that handed Republicans control of the Senate may also have given the administration some room to manoeuvre. The Democratic senator and Cuba hawk heading the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Robert Menendez, has lost his position, which he would have used to oppose any openings to the Castros.

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If so, Samaras would clear a hurdle that has stood in theway of his government for months. Samaras would then be free tofinalise contentious terms of an early exit from the bailout,which is widely hated by Greeks due to its demands forausterity, without fearing his own political demise.

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The Afghan government will now be waiting to see how the Pakistani military obliges Kabul. The Afghans will also be looking to see if the Pakistanis use their clout to try to rein in Taliban attacks in Kabul. The most important thing Islamabad can do is to allow Afghan negotiators to meet the Afghan Taliban leaders who are living in Pakistan.

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LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mass drug treatment for malaria is a key step towards preventing a rise in the mosquito-borne disease in Ebola-stricken countries and to ease the burdenon medical staff, a leading disease control expert said on Tuesday.

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"The rate limit does not change the broad view on PuertoRico or the bond sale itself," said a source close to the hedgefunds, who declined to be named as details of the transactionwere not public.

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A few minutes later Danowski dragged down another Bears pass, raced from midfield to the Bears 10 and again lateralled to Burnett. The Giants were hammering away at the Bear line when the final whistle blew. The statistics showed that the Giants had made 12 first downs and the Bears 10.

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Gundlach, who co-founded DoubleLine in December 2009 and who will be manager of the Long Duration Bond Fund with portfolio manager Vitaliy Liberman, has said all year that he does not see interest rates rising sharply. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note is trading at 2.23 percent, down from 3 percent at the start of the year.

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Previously, Microsoft likened the warrant to authorising federal agents to break down the doors of Microsoft's Dublin facility -- a view that the government has rejected since agents don't actually set foot in Ireland.

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The report, released during United Nations talks in Lima on a deal to combat global warming, said the rising heat meant an extremely warm summer, which had been expected once every 50 years in the early 2000s, could now be anticipated every five years.

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Dr Jeredine George, president of the doctors' association, said local doctors were dying at an "alarming rate" and staff were demanding a specialized unit with a dialysis machine if they are not to be evacuated when they are infected.

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Benjamin Dachis, senior policy analyst at the C.D. HoweInstitute think tank, was critical of the idea even withoutprice regulation: "It's the corporate equivalent of thegovernment coming into our bedrooms."

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The family of honeymoon murder victim Anni Dewani will decide after Christmas whether to launch a civil action against her husband Shrien, who was cleared by a South African judge of arranging the death of his new wife.

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For almost any ballet troupe, "The Nutcracker" is the biggest production and best-attended show of the company's season. A successful production brings in audiences and secures the company's future. An unsuccessful show does just the opposite.