When the seniors at Capital City High School made their way on to the stage to drop their college applications into a mail crate, the youngerstudents in attendance cheered on their fellow students, some even withhandmadesignswith sayings such as, "Congrats Class of 2015."

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Regulators want the biggest U.S. banks, those whose failurecould threaten financial markets, to rely more on equity andless on borrowing to fund their activities. Officials also wantto discourage banks from relying on riskier forms of debt.

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Chabad-Lubavitch is a movement dedicated to encouraging Jews to be more observant, and the building is revered by some Jews as the seat of the grand rabbi, the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who some followers believed was the messiah. The incident comes just weeks after a deadly meat cleaver attack by two Palestinians in a synagogue in Israel.

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U.S. and U.N. diplomats are in talks with Haiti's government and opposition politicians aimed at reaching agreement in the next few weeks, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry may visit Haiti later this week, officials told Reuters.


Investors tend to buy the yen in times of geopolitical oreconomic stress, but the overall outlook for the Japanesecurrency stayed downbeat as the economy is still in the midst ofmassive quantitative easing. Sliding global stocks, a result ofsoft oil prices in general and poor Chinese data on Monday,prompted investors, who had sold the yen in recent days, to rushto cover their positions.

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The 500-plus page report that the Intelligence Committee has prepared for release, a summary of a much more detailed, 6,000-page narrative which will remain secret, includes 200 pages on the interrogation program's history and 20 case studies.

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Painting a similar picture about Liberia, the UN children's agency Unicef says Ebola has severely disrupted health services for children, caused schools to close and left thousands of children without a parent.

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** Novo Banco, the bank carved out of Portugal's BancoEspirito Santo after it was rescued, said it had agreedto sell investment banking unit BESI to Chinese brokerageHaitong Securities Ltd for 379 million euros ($465 million).

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In early, 2013, it received 75 million pounds from Abramov,making him major owner of the company. He was joined by fellowbillionaire, former Evraz business partner and currentChelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich.

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“If you ask what concrete results we have achieved, I would say ‘zero’. We can see that both the Hong Kong government and the Chinese central government have made no concessions,” said transport worker Carlos Cheung.

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The Privacy International pressure group had said the documents released by Mr Snowden detailed the many ways that GCHQ was spying on people, many of which violated the European Convention on Human Rights.

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Jackson, who still believes the Knicks can be a playoff team and said they are not thinking about the NBA draft already, is open to making trades, but added: “I’m not going to make movement for movement’s sake.”

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"Unless something is done about the inexorable rise in emissions from the livestock sector, which already accounts for about 14.5% of global emissions, the expected trend is upwards because meat and dairy are two of the fastest growing sub-sectors of agriculture," said lead author Rob Bailey, research director of energy, environment and resources at international affairs think-tank Chatham House, which produced the report.

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Malaria is much harder to control in remote parts of the world, but Papua New Guinea has had dramatic success in battling the disease. Five years ago one in every five people across the country had malaria parasites in their blood - that number is now down to two people in every 100.

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"Hey @DangeRussWilson enjoy her @ErikaAnnHammond. She had me thinking she was a loyal girlfriend. I almost feel you @BrennanClay24 #SprayTan," Fauria wrote without elaborating or explaining himself.

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Action could also be taken be dealing better with sepsis and flu vaccination, said the authors who reviewed the care of women who died from sepsis and also women who survived an episode of septic shock.

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Janot's strongest comments so far on Brazil's latestcorruption scandal were made as federal prosecutors prepare toindict 11 executives at six of Brazil's largest construction andengineering firms for paying billions of dollars in bribes.

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Still, it is regrettable that those senior George W. Bush administration lawyers have escaped accountability for their complicity in torture, given their obligation as public officials and their ethical duty as lawyers to uphold the law. Their opinions were not reasonable interpretations of an ambiguous legal provision but a premeditated cover for criminality. At minimum, they should have been disciplined for malpractice, if not prosecuted as accomplices.

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The doctors pointed out that these illnesses affect not only the patients, but their families, health services and the economy as a whole. And they are expected to increase significantly. For example, some 44 million people worldwide currently have dementia, but by 2050, this is expected to increase to 135 million.

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"This traumatic incident, at such a tender age, has caused psychological damage and mental anguish for the plaintiff that has caused her significant problems throughout her life," the complaint said. The suit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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No one but Kate can manage to look as graceful as she does jumping over three tin cans in wedged heels. The Duchess of Cambridge looked like she was having a blast at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games participating in some of the festivities.