But he added that the programme offered hope: "Now that most people live within cities, we have got the opportunity to rethink the way that we live in cities and the way we plan and develop cities.

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More than 10 percent of Malaysia's forests were lost from 2000 to 2012, the world's highest national rate, the report said. The figure is three times higher than that the Malaysian government reported to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation, according to the report.

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But the Commission - the EU executive - and some countries, such as Germany and France, are pushing to include cloud providers, social networks, search engines and e-commerce platforms because of their widespread use by people and businesses.

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It's tough if you want to have a busy schedule, for sure. I had to cut out everything - alcohol, caffeine - anything that would dehydrate me, just to balance out the amount that aeroplanes dry out my voice.

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“The strike is always a good option if you know what you are fighting about. And I don’t want to be upset about it. So we are just getting on with our lives and getting to work on foot,” said another worker.

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** Merck & Co Inc said on Tuesday it will proceedwith its planned $8.4 billion purchase of Cubist PharmaceuticalsInc and still expects the deal to boost its long-termearnings, despite a court ruling that could speed the arrival ofgeneric forms of Cubist's top-selling product.


The decision to leave Temple's board comes after the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Berklee College of Music cut ties last week with the comedian, who had a reputation as a strong fundraiser. High Point University in North Carolina has also removed Cosby from its board of advisers.

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A rare 520 million year old fossil shaped like a 'squashed bird's nest' that will help to shed new light on life within Earth's ancient seas has been discovered in China by an international research team ...

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A few hours after Letterman's appearance had been taped, CBS' press representatives emailed a video clip with the subject line, "Joaquin Phoenix announces engagement on tonight's 'Late Show with David Letterman' on CBS" There was no indication it wasn't serious, and several news organizations, including ABC, Us Weekly and E Entertainment, did stories.

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Braving bitter wind and driving rain, Prince William and Kate walked across the memorial plaza at the National Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum to the reflecting pools built in the footprints of the fallen Twin Towers.

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Morgan Burnett pulled the wayward pass down and returned the ball 32 yards to the red zone, setting up field position for Lacy to score again. Nelson added a 10-yard touchdown reception late in the second quarter before the Packers completed the half by blocking a Falcons field goal attempt. Jones opened the second half with a 79-yard reception to set up an Eric Weems touchdown before traded field goals took the score to 34-17.

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Chief Fire Officer at the Bucks Fire and Rescue Service, Mark Jones, said: “We note today’s demonstration and the anger expressed by the Fire Brigades Union and its supporters. Although the demonstration was colourful and seemingly a useful distraction for the FBU leadership, it has made no difference whatsoever to the situation within Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service.”

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Meanwhile, the report also highlighted the issue of attitudes towards violence. It revealed that almost half of all girls aged between 15 and 19 - that is 126 million girls - believe that a husband is justified in hitting his wife under certain circumstances.

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Children of consenting parents will have their height, weight and growth plotted, and all parents will get their child's results along with the regular results of sight and hearing tests in a sealed envelope to be taken home by the child.

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Asked whether Turkey could be doing more to identify and stop suspects at its borders, Mr Cameron said the two countries were already working "as closely as we possibly can" to tackle the threat.

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After the win, Klein presented his ceremonial Broadway Hat to Christopher Falzone, 15, of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., a cancer survivor that the team signed to a one-day contract as part of the Garden of Dreams Foundation.

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“Once at that location, officers went to the apartment, but couldn’t make contact. It fit the parameters for a barricaded suspect, so SWAT came in, breached the door and made entry shortly after 9 a.m. They found two individuals shot to death,” Officer Jack Richter told The News.

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It is all the more surprising that the California town of Loma Linda, which oozes good health amongst its inhabitants, is found amidst an urban landscape of fast food restaurants and convenience stores.

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The scientists from the University of Melbourne acknowledged that a proper study on this topic is highly unlikely as this would require some babies to be given a dummy pill, which many parents would not allow.